Our story

Forte da Luz exists to glorify God by encouraging all people to seek a joyful and lasting relationship with Jesus Christ. Our history dates back to 2017 with a small group in Peniche, Portugal.


It is impossible to understand Forte da Luz’s approach to the Bible without first understanding the path taken by its creators. They grew up in a home of (non-practicing) Catholics, went through an atheistic phase during college, and the gospel came to them already when they were in the workforce through a Protestant community. Consequently, they understand what it means to be a Catholic (Mary’s role as advocate, helper, benefactor and mediator; Justification not by faith alone; No possibility of certainty of salvation; Infallibility of the pope), an Atheist (Opposition between science and faith; Thinking we are good people; Moral relativism) and a Protestant (Sola Scriptura; Salvation by grace alone through faith in Christ). As a result, they speak in a very unique way.