Christ’s church is not only His representative body on earth, it is also the temple of divine service continuing and perfecting the worship of the past. This service includes offerings presented to God and blessings received from Him.


This service of the Christian church can be considered in its divine principles and in its human arrangements. As to the former, its object is the revealed Trinity; its form is mediatorial, through the incarnate Son, by the Holy Spirit; its attributes are spirituality, simplicity, purity, and reverent decorum; its stations are primarily the Lord’s Day and all moments of sacred assembly. As for the last, it is left to the congregation itself to determine the minor details, according to the pattern shown in Scripture. In our particular case, we have a special relationship with music, and you can find on this page lyrics and guitar chords of the worships we use.


As an institute of worship, Christ’s church has its ordinary channels for communicating the influences of the Holy Spirit to the souls of men, namely, the means of grace; the supreme means are the Word and prayer. Special attention is also called for the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper.


In a general sense, evangelism applies to anyone who proclaims the mercy and grace of God, especially as revealed in the gospel. Resulting from the consideration of Ephesians 4:11 and Acts 21:8, we understand that the evangelist’s calling is the proclamation of the good news to those who have not known it, not the instruction and pastoral care of those who have believed and been baptized.